Class of '68 - Oldies but Goodies


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Vic Clontz & Charles Bancroft Andrea Gasparri Norma Gray & Jerry Hagan Carrie Fulmer
Bill Brendle & Bob Bailer Diane Greene Mike McClure Gene Medler & Al Gordon
Bill Brendle & Bob Bailer John Ochsenreiter, Greg Coggins & Niel Farnam John Campbell & Bruce "Mouse" Stone Cindy Smith & Suzanne Giezentanner
Pep Rally   Mike Grant in Woolworth Record Dept. Terry Felkel & Mike Bryson in Woolworths
Clark Pennell (Principal) Joan Gregg & Paul Saenger Norma Gray & Wayne Campbell Vic Clontz (1966) Illegally on Biltmore Estate!!
Marching Band 67-68 Football Team Cheerleaders Majorettes